Film/TV Posters

- THE VIRGIN QUEEN - character: Anne (credited as Marjorie Hellen) - starring Bette Davis, Richard Todd, Joan Collins - director: Henry Koster (1955, 20th Century Fox)

- A MAN CALLED PETER - character: Newlywed (credited as Marjorie Hellen) - starring Richard Todd, Jean Peters - director: Henry Koster (1955, 20th Century Fox)

- DADDY LONG LEGS - character: College Girl (credited as Marjorie Hellen) - starring Fred Astaire, Leslie Caron - director: Jean Negulesco (1955, 20th Century Fox)

- HOW TO BE VERY VERY POPULAR - character: Girl On Bus (credited as Marjorie Hellen) - starring Bette Grable, Sherre North - director: Nunnally Johnson (1955, 20th Century Fox)

- THE GIRL IN THE RED VELVET SWING - character: Floradora Girl (credited as Marjorie Hellen) - starring Ray Milland, Joan Collins - director: Richard Fleischer (1955, 20th Century Fox)

- THE LIEUTENANT WORE SKIRTS - character: Tipsy Girl At Party (credited as Marjorie Hellen) - starring Tom Ewell, Rita Moreno - director: Frank Tashlin (1956, 20th Century Fox)

- THE POWER AND THE PRIZE - character: Telephone Operator (credited as Marjorie Hellen) - starring Robert Taylor, Elisabeth Muller, Burl Ives - director: Henry Koster (1956, MGM Pictures)

- HOT SUMMER NIGHT - character: Hazel (credited as Marjorie Hellen) - starring Leslie Nielsen, Colleen Miller, Edward Andrews - director: David Friedkin (1957, MGM Pictures)

- MAN ON FIRE - character: Honey (credited as Marjorie Hellen) - starring Bing Crosby, Inger Stevens, E.G. Marshall - director: Ranald MacDougall (1957, MGM Pictures)

- TANK BATTALION - character: Lt. Alice Brent (credited as Marjorie Hellen) - starring Don Kelly, Frank Gorshin, Barbara Luna - director: Sherman A. Rose (1958, American International)

LI'L ABNER - character: Daisy Mae - starring Peter Palmer, Stubby Kaye, Julie Newmar, Stella Stevens, Billie Hayes, Brad Harris - director: Melvin Frank (1959, Paramount Pictures)

- PORTRAIT OF A MOBSTER - character: Iris Murphy - starring Vic Morrow, Peter Breck, Ray Danton - director: Joseph Pevney (1961, Warner Bros.)

THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE - character: Jocelyn Jordan - starring Frank Sinatra, Laurence Harvey, Janet Leigh, Angela Lansbury - director: John Frankenheimer (1962, United Artists)

- FOR LOVE OR MONEY - character: Jan Brasher - starring Kirk Douglas, Mitzi Gaynor, Gig Young, Thelma Ritter, Julie Newmar, William Windom - director: Michael Gordon (1963, Universal Pictures)
- SEX AND THE SINGLE GIRL - character: Susan - starring Tony Curtis, Natalie Wood, Henry Fonda, Lauren Bacall, Mel Ferrer, Stubby Kaye - director: Richard Quine (1964, Warner Bros)

THREE ON A COUCH - character: Mary Lou Mauve - starring Jerry Lewis, Janet Leigh, James Best, Mary Ann Mobley, Gila Golan - director: Jerry Lewis (1966, Columbia Pictures)

- THE MONEY JUNGLE - character: Treva Saint - starring John Ericson, Lola Albright, Charles Drake, Don Rickles, Michael Forest, Edy Williams - director: Francis D. Lyon (1968, Commonwealth)

- THE CANDY MAN - character: Julie Evans - starring George Sanders - director: Herbert J. Leder (1969, Allied Artists)

- THE DEVIL'S 8 - character: Cissy - starring Christopher George, Fabian, Ross Hagen, Ralph Meeker, Robert DoQui, Lada Edmund Jr. - director: Burt Topper (1969, American International)

- BROTHER, CRY FOR ME (aka: BOCA AFFAIR) - character: Jenny Noble - starring Larry Pennell, Richard Davalos - director: William White (1970, Fine Productions)

- D.A.: CONSPIRACY TO KILL - character: Ramona Bertrand - starring Robert Conrad, William Conrad, Belinda Montgomery, Don Stroud, Roger Perry - director: Paul Krasny (1971, NBC Telefilm)

- BANYON - character: Ruth Sprague - starring Robert Forster, Darren McGavin, Jose Ferrer, Anjanette Comer, Herb Edelman, Hermione Gingold - director: Robert Day (1971, NBC Telefilm)

- THE GIANT SPIDER INVASION - character: Ev - starring Steve Brodie, Barbara Hale, Alan Hale Jr., Robert Easton, Bill Williams - director: Bill Rebane (1975, Transcentury Pictures)

- THE ASTRAL FACTOR (aka: THE INVISIBLE STRANGLER) - character: Colleen Hudson - starring Robert Foxworth, Stefanie Powers - director: John Florea ( 1976, Seymour, Borde & Associates)

- CRASH! - character: Kathy Logan - starring Jose Ferrer, John Ericson, Sue Lyon, John Carradine - director: Charles Band (1977, BLC / Group 1 International)


- STEVE CANYON - episode "Operation Big Thunder" - character: Brannigan's Girl (originally aired January 3rd, 1959 on CBS)

- BOLD VENTURE - (1959 SYNDICATED by ZIV Television Productions)

- THE ROUGH RIDERS - episode "Deadfall" - character: Cleopatra (originally aired May 21st, 1959 on ABC)

- TIGHTROPE - episode "Gangster's Daughter" - character: Theresa (originally aired April 12th, 1960 on CBS)

- PERRY MASON - episode "The Case of the Madcap Modiste" - character: Hope Sutherland (originally aired April 30th, 1960 on CBS)

- BAT MASTERSON - episode "The Elusive Baguette" - character: Lucy Carter (originally aired June 2nd, 1960 on NBC)

- THE AQUANAUTS - episode "Collision" - character: Jill Talley (originally aired September 21st, 1960 on CBS)

THE ROARING 20's - episode "Champagne Lady" - character; Bubbles LaPeer (originally aired October 22nd, 1960 on ABC)

- BAT MASTERSON - episode "A Time to Die" - character: Lisa Anders (originally aired December 15th, 1960 on NBC)

- HAWAIIAN EYE - episode "Services Rendered" - character: Marcella (originally aired December 21st, 1960 on ABC)

- MICHAEL SHAYNE - episode "Death Selects the Winner" - character: Ellen Cook (originally aired December 23rd, 1960 on NBC)

- 77 SUNSET STRIP - episode "The Positive Negative" - character: Amanda Sant (originally aired January 27th, 1961 on ABC)

- ACAPULCO - episode "Fisher's Daughter" - character: unknown (originally aired April 3rd, 1961 on NBC)

- SURFSIDE 6 - episode "Circumstantial Evidence" - character: Sunny Golden (originally aired April 17th, 1961 on ABC)

- THE JIM BACKUS SHOW (aka: HOT OFF THE WIRE) - episode "The Plant" - character: unknown (originally aired April 18th, 1961 on CNP SYNDICATED)

- BRINGING UP BUDDY - episode "The Couple Next Door" - character: unknown (originally aired June 28th, 1961 on CBS)

- PERRY MASON - episode "The Case of the Impatient Partner" - character: Vivien Ames (originally aired September 16th, 1961 on CBS)

- FOLLOW THE SUN - episode "Busman's Holiday" - character: Tiffany Caldwell (originally aired October 22nd, 1961 on ABC)

- SURFSIDE 6 - episode "The Affairs at Hotel Delight" - character: Lavender (originally aired November 6th, 1961 on ABC)

- PERRY MASON - episode "The Case of the Left-Handed Liar" - character: Veronica Temple (originally aired November 25th, 1961 on CBS)

- BACHELOR FATHER - episode "Kelly and the Yes Man" - character: Kim Fontaine (originally aired January 9th, 1962 on ABC)

- HAWAIIAN EYE - episode "Four-Cornered Triangle" - character: Kathy Marsh (originally aired February 14th, 1962 on ABC)

- ICHABOD AND ME - episode "Bob's Housekeeper" - character: Lily Fontain (originally aired February 27th, 1962 on CBS)

- ALCOA PREMIERE - episode "Chain Reaction" - character: Vicki (originally aired February 21st, 1963 on ABC)

- CHANNING - episode "A Doll's House with Pom Pom and Trophies" - character: Joyce Ruskin (originally aired December 4th, 1963 on ABC)

THE LIEUTENANT - episode "Operation Actress" - character: Toni Kaine (originally aired March 28th, 1964 on NBC)

- KRAFT SUSPENSE THEATRE - episode "The Kamchatka Incident" - character: Susan King (originally aired November 12th, 1964 on NBC)

- KENTUCKY JONES - episode "The Sour Note" - character: Miss Patterson (originally aired November 21st, 1964 on NBC)

- THE REPORTER - episode "Murder by Scandal" - character: Ruth Killiam (originally aired November 27th, 1964 on CBS)

THE WILD WILD WEST - episode "The Night the Wizard Shook the Earth" - character: Greta Lundquist (originally aired October 1st, 1965 on CBS)

- INSIGHT - episode "Fire Within" - character: Joanne (originally aired December 4th, 1965 on SYNDICATED)

- BATMAN - episode "The Penguin's a Jinx" - character: Dawn Robbins (originally aired January 20th, 1966 on ABC)

MY THREE SONS - episode "Stag at Bay" - character: Flame LaRose (originally aired September 15th, 1966 on CBS)

- GREEN FOR DANGER - unsold pilot/comedy starring Larry Blyden, produced by Don Weis - character: unknown (originally aired Fall 1966 on CBS)

- THE WILD WILD WEST - episode "The Night of the Flying Pie Plate" - character: Morn/Maggie (originally aired October 21st, 1966 on CBS)

- TARZAN - episode "Mask of Rona" - character: Beryl (originally aired February 17th, 1967 on NBC)

- BATMAN - episode "The Duo Defy" - character: Glacia Glaze (originally aired March 29th, 1967 on ABC)

- BATMAN - episode "Ice Spy" - character: Glacia Glaze (originally aired March 30th, 1967 on ABC)

STAR TREK - episode "Who Mourns for Adonais?" - character: Lt. Carolyn Palamas (originally aired September 22nd, 1967 on NBC)

- GOOD MORNING, WORLD - pilot episode "World, Buy Calimari" - character: Audrey Zeiner (originally aired October 3rd, 1967 on CBS)

THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. - episode "The Master's Touch Affair" - character: Leslie Welling (originally aired October 16th, 1967 on NBC)

- THE IRON HORSE - episode "Dry Run to Glory", character: Eve Lewis (originally aired January 6th, 1968 on ABC)

THE BIG VALLEY - episode "A Bounty on a Barkley" - character: Layle Johnson (originally aired February 26th, 1968 on ABC)

MANNIX - episode "The Girl in the Frame" - character: Linda Marley (originally aired March 16th, 1968 on CBS)

- MY FRIEND TONY - episode "Voices" - character: Lila (originally aired January 5th, 1969 on NBC)

- FAMILY AFFAIR - episode "Speak for Yourself, Mr. French" - character: Emily Travers (originally aired March 17th, 1969 on CBS)

MANNIX - episode "The Playground" - character: Mona (originally aired October 18th, 1969 on CBS)

- PETTICOAT JUNCTION - episode "The Tenant" - character: Jacquelin Moran (originally aired November 8th, 1969 on CBS)

- TO ROME WITH LOVE - episode "A Palazzo Is Not a Home" - character: Elaine (originally aired November 16th, 1969 on CBS)

- LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE - episode "Love and the Mountain Cabin" - character: Mrs. Pfister (originally aired December 8th, 1969 on ABC)

MANNIX - episode "The Other Game in Town" - character: T.C. (originally aired October 31st, 1970 on CBS)

- LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE - episode "Love and the Pulitzer Prize" - character: Michelle Turner (originally aired February 5th, 1971 on ABC)

- HOGAN'S HEROES - episode "Kommandant Gertrude" - character: Karen (originally aired February 28th, 1971 on CBS)

- BEARCATS! - episode "Blood Knot" - character: Liz Blake (originally aired November 4th, 1971 on CBS)

- MARCUS WELBY M.D. - episode "Cross Match" - character: Elaine Perino (originally aired December 14th, 1971 on NBC)

- CADE'S COUNTY - episodes "Slay Ride" - Part 1 - character: Jana Gantry (originally aired January 31st, 1972 on CBS)

- CADE'S COUNTY - episodes "Slay Ride" - Part 2 - character: Jana Gantry (originally aired February 6th, 1972 on CBS)

- O'HARA U.S. TREASURY - episode "Operation: Smokescreen" - character: Olga Miles (originally aired March 10th, 1972 on CBS)

- ADAM 12 - episode "Gifts and Long Letters" - character: Sharon Blake (originally aired December 20th, 1972 on NBC)

THE MAGICIAN - episode "Shattered Image" - character: Lydia (originally aired January 8th, 1974 on NBC)

POLICE STORY - episode "The Ripper" - character: Mrs. Delaley (originally aired February 12th, 1974 on NBC)

McCLOUD - episode "The Gang That Stole Manhattan" - character: Lynne O'Connell (originally aired October 13th, 1974 on NBC)

- LOGAN'S RUN - episode "The Collectors" - character: Joanna (originally aired September 13th, 1977 on CBS)

- POLICE STORY - episode "No Margin for Error" - character: Georgie Hayes (originally aired April 30th, 1978 on NBC)


- THE RED SKELTON SHOW - Daisy June in "Clem Kadiddlehopper in Dog Patch" (originally aired January 12th, 1960 on CBS)

- THE RED SKELTON SHOW - Daisy June in "Clem's Theatre" (originally aired April 4th, 1961 on CBS)

- THE RED SKELTON SHOW - Daisy June in "Clem and the Kadiddlehopper Hop" (originally aired January 23rd, 1962 on CBS)


- MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY - In-depth interview program hosted by Leslie Parrish and Rafer Johnson (1975, KLAC Los Angeles - Channel 13)


- HERE'S HOLLYWOOD - Interviewed by Jack Linkletter - Season 2, Episode 52 (originally aired November 19th, 1962)

- THE TONIGHT SHOW - Guest Host: Jerry Lewis (originally aired May 24th, 1966 on NBC)


- STUMP THE STARS (several in early 1960's)

- THE DATING GAME ( several in early 1960's)


- LAUREL AWARDS - Nominated for 'Top Female Newcomer' (1960)

- GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS - Nominated 'Most Promising Newcomer / Female' for the film "For Love Or Money" (1964)

In YELLOW HIGHLIGHT: Leslie's Favorites.In YELLOW HIGHLIGHT: Leslie's Favorites.
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